Desecration over Orthodox church in Ukraine

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Desecration over Orthodox church in Ukraine
Hermitage of gusintsy


Church hierarchs, clergy and millions of faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church continually elevate fervent prayers for peace, unity and prosperity of the sovereign, free and united Ukraine. Thousands of people stood on the Maidan, motivated by a sincere sense of love for their native land, history, culture, indignant flagrant lawlessness and injustice of those in power. Probably none of those who fought for the renewal of Ukraine, cleansing power of corruption, for the triumph of human dignity, and could not think that will be a matter of months – and representatives have a new “democratic” government could start persecution of the Church, to resume prosecution one of its main pillars – monastics.

Now the whole Orthodox community deeply outraged by the fact desecration of the temple and the theft of church property. Recall that on April 4 2015, Lazarus Saturday, armed men who said they were employees of the SBU, with machine guns and rifles in the amount of 15 people, headed by the General Prosecutor of Ukraine investigator Sousse Dmitri burst into the Holy Transfiguration Church of the village Gusintsy Boryspil district of Kyiv region and to understand the Holy See, explaining that the search of weapons. Not finding weapons, the participants “special operation” not only did not explain and did not apologize, but in addition to all confiscated church candles and food, intended for poor and disadvantaged. After all, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church not only to pray, but also engaged in active social service and support for the poor.

There is a fair question: Is the ideals of the Maidan – the fight against corruption and oligarchy, the triumph of social justice, human rights and freedoms – suggest removal of church plate, church candles and food for the needy? All believers who know the tragic history of the Orthodox Church in XXveke, remember that this is how the Bolsheviks acted and rampaged. They destroyed, robbed and desecrated Orthodox churches under the pretext of counter-revolution, famine relief and so on. Why the General Prosecutor’s Office investigator in the face Sousse Dmitry Nikolayevich and employees SBU collected Church products and candles? As all this is consistent with the declared desire for European integration, the desire of peace and goodness all over Ukraine? Is the latter-day “expropriators” do not realize that their actions only exacerbate civil strife in our society, thereby improving all the problems with which they are in their official duties are designed to fight?

Unfortunately, we have to admit that the next desecration of one of the restored Orthodox shrines – is an obstacle to the stability and prosperity of the Ukrainian society. While in Ukraine will take place such crimes against God, the Church and the people, as we all will not bear fruits worthy of repentance, our people will Drinkers bitter cup of suffering and misery.

Brethren of the monastery in Gusintsy

St. Cyril monastery

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