Свято-Кирилівський чоловічий монастир

Свято-Кирилівський чоловічий монастир

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Pilgrimage department

Pilgrimage Department of St. Cyril monastery invites you to visit:

1)    The most picturesque and ancient places of the city of Kiev, which will celebrate its 1533’s anniversary in 2015

2)   Monasteries and parish churches of Kiev, the history of which goes to the depths of the 9th century …

Programs involve historical, spiritual and educational characters of the tours.





Hermitage in Gusints.

In a few words — up to 2 hours driven, short sailing by water. Transfiguration Church of a year 1822 , outdoor recreation including fishing and cooking it, a walk in the woods … and — home. 8 hour tour will not leave anyone indifferent a lover of nature, antiquity and the Orthodox faith.




гисинцы экскурсии



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Pilgrimage Department

Igor Zhestkov